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SYNOPSIS OF DOCUMENTS IN Pārseh (Persepolis) - Taḵt-e Jamšid (Persepolis terrace)

DPe inscription of Darius I

Old Persian inscription (DPe) of the Achaemenid monarch Darius I (522-486 BC) on the southern wall of the Persepolis terrace. Pārseh (Persepolis), Fārs province, Iran. Ca. 500 BC. ... Read more

The Apadāna coins

A find of 13 coins compising gold 'Croeseids' and archaic silver issues of Abdera, Aegina and Cypriot cities. Apadāna foundation deposits, Taḵt-e Jamšid (lit. 'Throne of Jamšid'). Pārseh ( ... Read more

Stone panel with scene of contest between Heracles and Apollo

Seven fragments of a limestone panel decorated with a scene of contest between Heracles and Apollo. 'Treasury' building, Taḵt-e Jamšid (lit. 'Throne of Jamšid'). Pārseh (Persepolis), Fārs province ... Read more

Relief fragment with Greek graffiti

Greek graffiti on a fragment of a shoe from a relief representation of the Achaemenid ruler Darius I. Palace of Darius I (Tačara), Taḵt-e Jamšid (lit. "Throne of Jamšid"). Pārseh (Persepolis), ... Read more