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Tall-e Żaḥḥāk

Small marble head (Aphrodite?)

Small female head of (Parian?) marble. Tall-e Żaḥḥāk (Fasā), Fārs province, Iran. Third or second century BC. Chance find, in or before 1934. National Museum of Iran, no. 2089. H. 0.11 m.


The sculpture was acquired, according to Aurel Stein, at Fasā in 1934 (Stein 1936: 140-141; idem 1938: 324). It is reported to have been found in the vicinity of the nearby ancient mound, in debris left by looters of construction materials.
A. W. Lawrence confirmed the head's hellenistic date, ascribing it to an Asia Minor workshop, and interpreted it as belonging to a statuette of Aphrodite (apud Stein 1936: 140-141). (See also Colledge 1979: 225; Schlumberger 1983: 1037; Colledge 1987: 152; Kawami 1987: 29; Callieri 2007: 105.)
Pottery sherds found at Tall-e Zaḥḥak indicate that there was a continuous occupation at this site during the Achaemenid and Alexandrine-Seleucid periods (Hansman 1975: 298-300 and fig. 3 nos. 1-2; cf. Wiesehöfer 1994: 65-66).


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