Preliminary draft release. Additional documentation is forthcoming


This project aims to create an interactive digital atlas of the archaeological evidence that relates to the Greek presence in Iran and to Iranian-Greek interactions in Iran from the Achaemenid to the Sasanian period (ca. 550 BC - AD 651).

In the present initial phase, a hitherto not endeavored collection of the widest possible range of relevant vestiges, along with a critical assessment of these, is to be assembled on this website. A GIS platform will eventually be used to facilitate a variety of research questions.

In a number of important respects, the project seeks to apply on a larger scale the diachronic, multidisciplinary perspectives embraced in the 1st International Conference ‘Ancient Greece and Ancient Iran: Cross-Cultural Encounters’ (Athens, 11-13 November 2006). The goal is to promote an integration of varied insights into ancient Iranian-Greek interactions emanating from the study of different types of source materials, sites and periods, and from different disciplines.

The project is hosted by the Institute of Historical Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation and is coordinated by Antigoni Zournatzi.