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Stamped handle of Rhodian amphora

Ηandle of Rhodian commercial amphora bearing the stamp of Aristion. Mound of the Apadāna. Šuš (Susa), Khūzestān province, Iran. 198-190+ BC. Excavations of R. Ghirshman (Délégation archéologique ... Read more

Female head by the sculptor Antiochus

Female head of white marble by the sculptor Antiochus. Mound of the  'Ville Royale' (Area 'Isthme'). Šuš (Susa), Ḵūzestān province, Iran. Ca. 100 BC - ca. AD 45. Excavations of R. de Mecquenem ( ... Read more

Inscribed bronze weight in the form of a knucklebone

Bronze weight in the form of a knucklebone with Ionic dedication to Apollo. Mound of the Acropolis. Šuš (Susa), Ḵūzestān province, Iran. Sixth century BC. Excavations of J. de Morgan (Mission de ... Read more